Fright Night

Episode 201: Dreeson's world

Henry Dreeson was tired he’d just come in from a long patrol looking for any salvage to help the rebels. He’s greeted by a fellow soldier. and told that Stacy needed to see him right away. Henry sighed and went looking for Stacy in the hospital. You wanted to see me?, he said. Henry, Stacy Began, We are loosing this war, supplies are running short, and the generators are almost out of fuel. We need help, and one of our Wicca may have found a way. An alternate dimension, one where the Slayer still exists. Stacy continued, and we are going to send you there to find help. Dreeson was a bit skeptical, Ok Boss, but why me, I am just a soldier, certainly there is someone better suited to send, he replied. Stacy looked at him with her one good eye. The other had been destroyed when she was attacked by her former boyfriend now Vampire, Nick Lantino. You are the only person I can trust to get the job done, she said softly. Get some rest and get ready.

And that is how it all started, a Wicca opened a gateway to another dimension, and Dreson found himself in a strange world. One where the vampires did not rule the world, and a Radio show called fright Night was advertised on a billboard. One with the legendary monster hunter Ulysses Blackthorne as host. After getting directions, and some money by selling a pair of earrings Stacy gave him for money, Dreeson took the bus and finally managed to find the Fright Night studios. There he met Garrick Hobson, Diana McGrady, and Nick Lantino. Where he came from all three of these were Vampire LTs. working for the former president of the united states and now Vampire Lord Jack Palance. After meeting Hobson he was invited to be on the radio show for the night. The show was hijacked by Spike, looking for a love spell to win back Drusilla (Yeah he never stops trying). One of the Wiccas apparently cast a spell and suddenly the three radio show personalities found themselves smack dab on Dreeson’s world. After some convincing that they were not the Vampires and here to help they followed Stacy back to the Mercy General Hospital, the last bastion of the human race, at least in LA.

Episode 104: Jacks Back

The investigators are asked to join in on the filming of a new independent film companies horror movie. Could this be Hobson’s big break back to Hollywood? Unfortunately for them during a scene in which a summoning spell is supposed to be cast. Hobson’s old nemesis returns from the dead to threaten the shooting of the film.

The normal Fright Night comedy of errors ensues until the cast finally are able to put Jack back in his place, thanks to the scorcerrous ability of Diana McGrady.

Episode 103: High School talent Show

The cast of Fright Night are invited to be judges in a talent show at the local high-school. Unfortunately for them, some of the kids start getting murdered in bizarre fashions. The Cast eventually find the Demonic culprit involved and put an end to the Demon’s plans.

Saving the day so that the Talent Show can go on.

Episode 102: Smile Time

With kids falling into strange comma’s with strange smiles on their face. The Monster hunters were called in to investigate. During their investigations, Nick Lantino, Garrick Hobson, Diana McGrady were turned into puppets by the evil eye. They were able to contact Murray who rescued them. Diana’s spells prowess enabled her to reverse the condition. As they found out more about the situation the team was led back to the studio to confront the smile time demons. Unfortunately they learned the only way to defeat the demons in battle was to become puppets again. After casting the spells the group entered into puppet battle with the Demons eventually defeating all except the stuffed puppy.
Once the demons were defeated the children came out of their commas and all was saved. Eventually the stuffed puppy showed up at Diana’s place with a splinter in it’s paw.

Episode 101: Wicca's, Werewolves, and their lovers
The Beginning

Episode 1 of fight night began with Diana McGrady being interviewed by Murry Horowitz for a Job at the studios. Murry had a great idea while talking to Diana and brought Garrick Hobson into the interview suggesting with Diana’s Wiccan background she would make a great co-host of the show. Hobson reluctantly agreed.

Right before the show was supposed to startNick Lantino barged intot he studios and demanded to see Dr. Blackthorne. After hearing his sad tale about how he took his Girlfriend Stacy to a concert and she left with the lead singer, how he fought a guy who got hit by a pizza delivery driver in a van into a pile of crates and disappeared, Blackthorne added him as a guest on the show.

The guests for the night included:
Violet Moonswallow a Wicca worshipping the Moon Goddess of Lust.
Leslie Blankenship who claimed her boy friend was a Werewolf.
Professor Leomund Harksland from UC Berkely a professor of Occult studies and author of the book, there are no monsters.
Surprise guest Charley Breckinridge, Leslie’s boyfriend
And of course Lantino.

The Show started off with Diana interviewing Violet only to be interrupted by the professor. After a bit of the professors rant Blackthorne had his Mic turned off.
Then Blackthorne interviewed Leslie about why she thought her boyfriend was a werewolf.
After that the professor finally got his chance to speak.
After an advertisement
We heard Nick’s tragic tale, and we learned that the two bit Goth band was actually Vampocalyse who had not only the #1 album but also the #1 single in the country. The Album titled Once Bitten, and the first single release “Mina”. Apparently this band claims they are all Vampires.

The show took a tragic turn when the Professor angered Charley and he said he would prove there were indeed lycanthropes. Suddenly Charlie grabbed his face, began peeling it back and a furry muzzle began to emerge until finally We get our glimpse of Charley the WereHampster. This was too much for Blackthorne who left the room screaming.
A moment later Leslie said now you’ve done it Charley and she started changing into an actual werewolf. After the change Leslie left upon the professor.

Nick ran out of the room and grabbed the emergency fire axe on the wall after breaking the glass, ran back in and took a mighty swing at Leslie. Severely wounding her,.but much to the chagrin of our crew they saw the wound start healing before them. Diana was quick Thinking as she took off her silver jewelry and stuffed it into the wound. Leslie bellowed and dove out the window quickly followed by Charley.

After everyone had recovered from the ordeal they enlisted the Aid of Murry to move the professors mauled corpse into one of the meat lockers on the premises. Calls to the police didn’t get them anywhere as the police were not going to fall for one of the radio shows hoaxes again.

Everyone went home. Nick slept on Blackthorn’s well worn sofa. In the morning when they returned tot he studio to deal with the damage and the body they found the place was totally repaired, and cleaned. Murry’s Maintenance man Tony was found in a trailer and said he saw some headlights late at night but that was it. He kept looking Diana up and down a lot for some reason.

Not long after Hobson got a call from his son, apparently there was something wrong with his girlfriends child. They went to Burbank to investigate. They found the son laying in bed with a Huge Grin on his face. After questioning the staff, they took samples of his favorite Grape juice drink and made their way to the local hospital to investigate more outbreaks of this strange affliction. Apparently all the children went comatose on Saturdays between the hour of 8:30am and 9:30am which coincidentally was the time slot for the #1 children’s morning show in California Smile Time. The cred promised to investigate more.


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