Marcy Darcy

Future Vampire Bait


125 Lbs. (Allegedly)
Long Blonde Hair
Medium Tan


Marcy had been working at Pete’s A go-go until in a freak accident she turned around to quickly and cold cocked a patron with her huge chest. The Patron apparently suffered a fractured jaw and threatened to sue the establishment.

Marcy was one of Hobson’s favorite Exotic Dancers working at the bar, partially because she gave him discounts on lap dances, occasionally giving them for free.

Hobson took pity on her for losing her job in such a way and got her a Job as the receptionist for studio. Marcy is not gifted to much in the brains department as her gifts lie somewhat south of that area, however she answers the phone and sometimes remembers their messages.

Marcy has considered breast reduction surgery but she can’t understand why her Podiatrist keeps telling her he can’t do it for her. Plus Hobson has forbidden her from taking part in such dangerous surgery…

Marcy Darcy

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