Los Angeles

Important Locations

Fright Night Studios Home of the Late Night Radio Show Fright Night hosted by Ulysses Blackthorne.
Murray’s Meats: 7 locations around Los Angeles Murrays meats offers the finest choices in meats and Murray is always having his friend Ulysses Blackthorne Stake down prices.
Monster Subs: boasting the largest subs in town and a favorite destination for crew and guests of the radio show Fight Night. This sub shop stays open till 3am every day to take care of your late night cravings. the subs come in 3 sizes The Minor Menace, The Menace and the Major Menace.
Cult Classics: This store not only sells hard to find horror movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, but also has rare hard to find books dealing with the occult They also boast the largest selection of Wicca Ingredients in town.

As Seen on TV

Smile Time The Number one Kids show.

Los Angeles

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