Fright Night

Episode 102: Smile Time

With kids falling into strange comma’s with strange smiles on their face. The Monster hunters were called in to investigate. During their investigations, Nick Lantino, Garrick Hobson, Diana McGrady were turned into puppets by the evil eye. They were able to contact Murray who rescued them. Diana’s spells prowess enabled her to reverse the condition. As they found out more about the situation the team was led back to the studio to confront the smile time demons. Unfortunately they learned the only way to defeat the demons in battle was to become puppets again. After casting the spells the group entered into puppet battle with the Demons eventually defeating all except the stuffed puppy.
Once the demons were defeated the children came out of their commas and all was saved. Eventually the stuffed puppy showed up at Diana’s place with a splinter in it’s paw.



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