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  • Episode 102: Smile Time

    With kids falling into strange comma's with strange smiles on their face. The Monster hunters were called in to investigate. During their investigations, [[:nick | Nick Lantino]], [[:hobson | Garrick Hobson]], [[:diana | Diana McGrady]] were turned into …

  • Episode 103: Haunted Park

    The cast of Fright Night are invited to be judges in a talent show at the local high-school. Unfortunately for them, some of the kids start getting murdered in bizarre fashions. The Cast eventually find the Demonic culprit involved and put an end to the …

  • Episode 104: Jacks Back

    The investigators are asked to join in on the filming of a new independent film companies horror movie. Could this be Hobson's big break back to Hollywood? Unfortunately for them during a scene in which a summoning spell is supposed to be cast. Hobson' …

  • Main Page

    h3. Welcome to Fright Night! Fright Night's home city is *[[Los Angeles]]* though this may not be the LA you are used to. You can find the *[[Fright Night Reloaded]]* Rules here.

  • Los Angeles

    h1. Important Locations *Fright Night Studios* Home of the Late Night Radio Show *[[Fright Night]]* hosted by *[[:hobson | Ulysses Blackthorne]]*. *Murray's Meats:* 7 locations around Los Angeles Murrays meats offers the finest choices in meats and …

  • Victoria Dellaplane

    Wealthy recluse known to be an expert in all things occult and supposedly possesses a library of occult books dating back hundreds of years. Her family settled in LA shortly after it's founding and rumors persist that they were vampire hunters.